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Immersive audio is revolutionizing the way music is created and heard. Dolby Atmos and Sony 360 Reality Audio mixes expand the sound stage around and above the listener for a truly enveloping, multidimensional experience.

Immersive audio opens up a vast new palette for creative exploration. Creators have unprecedented freedom to craft expressive, dynamic mixes with more depth and realism than ever before, while having the confidence that their mixes will translate in any listening environment.

For listeners, the experience is transformative. Fans are invited inside the music for a deeper connection with the performance and the artist.

Get ready to reimagine how your music is heard.


What is the difference between Dolby Atmos and Sony 360 Reality Audio?

Dolby Atmos and Sony 360 Reality Audio are both object-based formats that present sound in a three-dimensional space. Dolby Atmos was originally developed for cinema, while Sony 360 Reality Audio is a music-only format. While each format is proprietary, both are accepted by various labels, distributors, and streaming services and can be experienced on a wide range of consumer audio devices.

What stems do you need to create an immersive mix?

We recommend creating a detailed stem set of your final mix multitrack. A few guidelines:

  • All stems for any given song should be consolidated and printed with the same start and end point to ensure that each stem is in time with the others when we import them.

  • Print a stem of each individual instrument with its effects included (e.g. EGT 1 w/ EFX)

  • Separate drum kits into kick, snare, toms, overheads, room, and effects stems

  • Separate percussion and loops, using your best judgment.

  • Print lead vocal and lead vocal effects as separate stems.

  • Effects can also be broken out into separate lead vocal effects stems (e.g. lead vocal dry, lead vocal reverbs, lead vocal delays).

  • Turn off analog noise on master bus plug-ins to prevent noise build-up when applied to each individual stem.

  • Use the sidechain input (where available) on stereo bus compressors/limiters to trigger the compression off of the full mix when printing stems. This helps the stems match the printed stereo mix.

  • Consider that certain processors, such as stereo imaging plug-ins, can cause adverse effects when processed stems are used for immersive mixes. If an instrument is in question, print a stem with and without the effect.

  • Will my immersive mix sound like my stereo mix?

    Immersive mixes do not sound exactly like the stereo mix. They are by nature wider, taller, and more open. While the soundstage of the mix may feel bigger, our job is to ensure that the immersive mix maintains the impact, energy, and character of your original stereo mix.

    Note that immersive mixes have measured LUFS (loudness reference) levels that are considerably lower than stereo mixes. An immersive mix is typically about 9dB LUFS lower than the corresponding stereo mix.

    What will Imogen Sound deliver to me?

    Files delivered to our clients follow strict Dolby and Sony guidelines and quality assurance procedures. For final delivery for Dolby Atmos, the ADM BWF (Broadcast Wave Format) file is delivered along with all Dolby renderings. For Sony 360 Reality Audio, all Sony renderings are delivered.

    What is the mix approval process?

    The best way to approve your mix is to come to the studio in Berry Hill to hear it in the room and on headphones. Alternatively, we can send you a binaural (headphone-only) reference, and you can provide detailed revision notes if necessary.

    How do I listen to the reference mixes?

    Dolby Atmos: Because MP4 playback can encounter compatibility issues depending on the listening device model and/or operating system, we send you a binaural .wav file or ACC file that you can play back from your desktop or in iTunes.

    Sony 360RA: We send reference mixes through the Sony Artist Connection Free App. We can help you install the app and set it up properly to check mixes.

    Do immersive mixes require mastering?

    The mastering stage has always been an important part of the recording process. Just as it is important to have a stereo mix mastered, the same is true for immersive mixes for the last stage of quality control and preparation of final deliverable files. We regularly work with mastering houses and would be happy to make a recommendation.